June 17, 2009

Things I'm Terrible At: Turning Down A Free Drink

Maybe I can't believe that I can get free stuff just for being a girl, but there's something in my DNA that renders me incapable of turning down a free drink, even if I'm uninterested in a guy. It's like there's a disconnect between my brain and my id: my brain knows that if I accept the drink then I'm signaling interest to the drink-buyer. However, my id is on some kind of permanent spring break going, "Hell yeah! Woohoo! FREE DRINKS! Thanks, Guy." *gulp*

I'd chalk it up to naivete, but I can't really claim that at this point. I know what they want when they make the offer, who are we kidding. Irrationally, I just hope that the guy forgets that he wants to make a move as I sip my (free) Fleur de Lehigh. This nonsensical logic has backfired a few times, with some guys becoming more aggressive as I withhold my attention. It's weird. And, I have no one to blame but me and my thirst. Shrug.

I didn't realize that this was a problem until I was out with my friend and she became creeped out when guys we weren't attracted to offered to buy us drinks. I watched in shock as she turned down drink offers left and right, as I sat there with no less than three full pints of beer waiting patiently for me on the bar. That's when I realized that I had a problem: I just can't say no to free drinks! Frankly, I'm terrible at it.


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