June 18, 2009

Dear Shmitten Kitten: Fudgin' Boy Judgin'

Dear Shmitten Kitten,
Have you ever run into the problem of accidentally getting the totally wrong impression of a guy? There was this dude I used to work with who I wrote off upon first glance. He was this big, muscular dude who wore a haircut and clothes that I constantly associate with douchebags (actually, I kind of still do). I used to groan every time I shared an elevator with the guy without ever getting to know him.

About a year after we all got laid off, I ended up running into the guy at a barbecue across the street from my house of all places. After like half a beer with the guy, I realized he was this super nice, really smart, awesome guy. I missed out on having an awesome work buddy. I'm not sure how this relates to you, your blog, dating, or dudes, since this was a bromantic situation, but the story made me think of you and your site for some reason.
Judge Reinhold
Huh. We're sure that we've misjudged guys, but misjudging a potential buddy is very different than misjudging a potential romantic interest. For the most part, we know what we like. As they say, this pie--our attraction pie, that is--is baked.

However, since we're wrong about a lot of things with alarming frequency, we've recently decided to give consideration to guys we wouldn't normally consider at all. Blame it on a bout of pre-summer optimism, but we've been trying to expand our horizons, dating-wise. Everyone has a chance to win our heart! Yes, guys who wear socks with sandals, even you. (Just kidding. You still don't have a chance.)

So, how's it been going? Well, not well. Apparently, dating out of our comfort zone is uncomfortable. It seems that we knew what we were doing before (for once!) The verdict: judging dudes is totally ok! In fact, it's encouraged. At the end of our great experiment, we came to the conclusion that the heart knows what it wants. If anything, we just kicked ourselves for trying to make it work with someone we knew we weren't attracted to all along.

What do you guys think? Have you fallen for a guy you previously dismissed? Can you overlook his socks and sandals and bluetooth to find true love? Are those superficialities surmountable? Did I just make up the word "surmountable" or does it really exist? Let us know!

[Update: I just talked with Shannon and she reminded me that I fall for guys that I'm not initially attracted to all the time. She rattled off, like, six names with relative ease. So, I learned that not only do I misjudge guys frequently, but I also have a terrible memory.]


Anonymous said...

I've been dating a boy for the past year that I never would have normally looked at twice. we have so much in common it's ridiculous. i really learned never to judge a book by it's cover.

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