June 18, 2009

Tip Our Hats: Guys Who Had A Heavy Metal Jean Jacket In Middle School

We find it endearing when you casually mention how you used to be a metalhead in middle school. When gently prodded, you'll even admit that you used to own a jean jacket that you'd sew patches on and scrawl the logos of all your favorite bands. Can we just say how THAT IS EFFN' AWESOME!

Immediately, we pictured a longer-haired, younger, chubbier version of you crouched over in your childhood bedroom attending to the garment with the kind of intense concentration usually exhibited in surgeons (or those just playing the game Operation). You tried to replicate the bands' fonts with a Sharpie and it looked like shit, but you loved that jacket with all of your young, chubby heart. It was your identity. It was your way to let everyone else in your middle school that you knew what was UP. You shouted at the devil! You faded to black! You rode the lightning! You were not gonna take it anymore! How cute.

So, guys that used to own a heavy metal jean jacket, we tip our hats to you. You get extra credit points if you can show us your school ID where you're wearing it in the picture. That will never NOT be funny.


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