June 16, 2009

Tip Our Hats: Guys Who Wear Suspenders

This post is inspired by my buddy Miles, who dresses like a Civil War veteran. Suspenders are just the right mix of whimsy and usefulness: No belts, here! And, when we see 'em on a guy, we just wanna run up and snap 'em. It's probably how guys feel when they see our bra straps.

And now, for your viewing pleasure, hot guys wearing suspenders.


miss bee said...

my younger brother has his junior prom this year. he wore suspenders.

my younger brother is apparently a stud. weird.

Jilly B said...

I really disagree with this tip our hats, except for Jack Kelly in Newsies.

Anna said...

No offense, Jilly B, but you are totally dead wrong about this.

Guys in suspenders are waaaaay hot.

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