June 8, 2009

Tip Our Hats: Sideburns

There's something about these patches of hair that makes us consider our attraction to a guy for an extra four seconds longer than we would have otherwise. And, those extra four seconds are crucial when deciding if we are gonna give a guy a chance or not. It's like he gets an extra second for each inch of sideburn (not to exceed eight seconds). What can we say? They have just the right amount of edginess. Like, he won't freak out your parents, but he'll be cool with getting drunk in the daytime.

We give sideburns two thumbs up; one for each 'burn.

Elvis, duh!

James Dean: Swoon!

I've been hanging out with fifth graders. Can you tell?
And, my personal fave:

My baby daddy, Patrick Stump


Unknown said...

Nothing sexier than a dude holding a koala!

Laura said...


I gotta say...in the sideburn wars, nobody comes close to Curtis RX from Creature Feature!

(anyone else find him bizarrely adorable? :3)

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