July 5, 2009

Dear Shmitten Kitten: He Moved Home and I'm (Surprisingly) Moved

Dear Shmitten Kitten,
I met a great guy this weekend and thought of you! It was one of those Surprisingly Not a Bonerkiller moments. We were chatting about the usual bar conversation topics and everything was going swimmingly. Then, he let it slip that he had moved back in with his parents. While this normally would have had me moving off my stool faster than a cat dropped in a full bathtub, I found myself sticking around to hear the full story. I don't know if it was his blue eyes or knowledge of early punk rock that propelled me to stay, but either way, I'm glad I did!

He recently got laid off and had to settle with a job making half of what he was before the economy tanked like a bad date. Deciding to move back home to save money for a year seemed better than ranking up some serious debt. With the economy hitting everyone hard, I would rather have a guy with who possess the capacity for forward thought then one who has big debts down the road. As long as you have actual plans and an EMOD (Estimated Move Out Day), I'll give you some leeway. Hey, everyone needs a helping hand every once in a while. Down due to the economy dudes, I'll happily give you mine. The strapped for cash cutie even sprung for a round! If you're willing to dish out some of your saved dollars for my beer, I'll gladly return the favor; preferably on date number two.

Love love love,
Ok with PBRs As Long As There Is An EMOD

We totally agree that this dude sounds radical. You kind of made us jealous that he's an old skool punk rocker because that's our soft-spot too. [As a side note, we've been meaning to do a Tip Our Hats to old skool punk rockers and you, my dear, just reminded us to get on that ASAP.] That's great that you are so understanding about his situation. It seems that he's the lucky one here.

Additionally, you make a terrific point: If the guy is watching his dollars and still buys you a beer, it means more than if he were rolling in cash and took you out to Le Bec Fin. We give him two thumbs up. Thanks for the awesome letter. Oh, and let us know if he has any hot, single ex-punk friends. We could use someone to serenade us with Descendents songs on command.


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