July 20, 2009

Tip Our Hats: Guys Who Have Framed Maps On Their Bedroom Walls

Good news; I’ve been impressed enough with you to accept your invitation to go back to your house. Give yourself a pat on the back. And, you’ve proved me wrong: I expected your castle of dude-dom to smell like an unholy mixture of cat and feet. I also expected old food encrusted on any exposed surface. And, I certainly expected that there would be a run-in with some cruddy, peeling, old band posters hastily pinned on your walls in lieu of anything you could describe as art.

But, alas, I was wrong! Certainly your humble abode was not the cleanest thing I’ve ever stepped foot into, but instead of posters of rock stars hanging off pushpins, you have a map of Eastern Europe safe behind a glass frame. And what’s that next to your bed? A topographical map of South America? Wow, Map Dude, you’re really classing up this joint. It's nice to see a little bit of culture in your bedroom. It transforms the place from a flop house to a charming study. This is the kind of room Miss Scarlet would kill Colonel Mustard in with a candlestick (that's a compliment!)

It’s not just that the maps look really cool--or that I happen to love geography--but your choice of wall art lets me know you possess some maturity. I mean, not only did you go through the trouble of hanging the maps, but you even framed them to keep them clean, crisp and easy to read. You also gave me a sneak a peek at your nerdy side when you pointed out the longitude and latitude of Harare, Zimbabwe. That was just plain adorkable.

So, we’re tipping our hats to you, Map Dude. Your choice of wall decoration elevated you from scraggly guy who gives good banter at dive bars to a scraggly guy who gives good banter at dive bars and has a room that we don't totally hate. Well done.

*Oh, and we should mention that you get extra credit for having a globe on your desk. For girls like us who read the New York Times online and watch cooking shows on PBS, a globe on a desk is like catnip.


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