August 30, 2009

Quick Rant: I Don't Want To Play Pool With You

I'm sitting with my friends cracking up and loving life. So, when you came over and invited me to play doubles with you, I declined. Apparently, my rejection was your encouragement because you didn't drop the issue. Oh no. You decided to badger me into joining your stupid pool game, even after I explained that I'm not good at it, that I wasn't interested in playing and even if I was interested, truthfully, my dress was waaaaay too short to be bending over in front of a roomful of strangers.

Nope, that didn't deter you! You still jammed the pool stick in my hand and told your friends, "Ok, guys. She's with me. It's us two against you two." Consequently, I missed every shot I took because I just wanted to get it over with as fast as possible. What kind of guy forces a girl to play pool with them? That's so creepy! What other games are you going to force me to play? Lacrosse? Chinese checkers? Thumb wrestling? When will the forced gaming end? Count me out.

Well, we lost. Our crummy pool team of me and you lost. I know, how shocking. I should've taken that pool stick and shoved it up your ass.


Diane said...

Hm, are you sure the short dress wasn't a reason why he was so insistent that you play?

Anna said...

Diane, that's what my Mom said too!!

Anonymous said...

My ex boyfriend had a group of friends/co-workers he claimed were insulted when I politely (and shyly, excuuuuse me) declined to join them at pool in favour of watching their games. If I ever bother to tell him why I friend-dumped him, that story is on the list of reasons.

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