September 16, 2009

Bonerkiller: You Have "Life Is A Highway" On Your iPod

Sure, I'll pick out some music to listen to while you drive me home. Lemme see your iPod.

*scrolls through the music. Sees "Life is a Highway" by that scratchy-voiced Canadian bastard, Tom Cochrane*

Really, you can just drop me off here at the corner. Yeah, right up here by the fire hydrant is great. No, you don't need to fully stop the car; I'll just roll out onto this busy city street. Yes, I'm positive. No, really, I insist. Ok. Thanks for dinner! I had a great time. Haha. Ok. Bye. Goodnight!

*tumbles onto the concrete and bolts the fuck home*


Jon K said...

Oh hey what's up.

Julia said...

clearly he has an upbeat outlook on life

Khop said...

Thing is, I recently got a 32GB iTouch, but before that only had a nano that didn't hold my whole library. Lately I've been playing the Touch on shuffle and have been consistently surprised and sometimes mortified as to what music I apparently own. So while "Life is a Highway" would certainly give me pause, it would take seeing 4 - 5 Celine Dion songs to make me jump out of a moving vehicle....

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