September 17, 2009

Attn. Coattail Riders: Come To Varsity Tryouts This Sunday Night For Zero Dollars

Let FREEdom ring. America the FREE. Gas, grass, or ass, no one rides for FREE. FREE love on the FREElove freeway. FREE mustache rides. FREE Winona. FREE FREE FREE!

This Sunday we will be guest judges for Varsity Tryouts, a monthly amateur pole dancing contest at Cheerleaders in South Philly. This party is insanely fun. Please come! It'll be like an entire panel of Paula Abduls.

If you wanna go, please email us at with your first and last name and we'll put you on the guest list FOR FREE! Just make sure to get all guest list requests in to us by 5pm on Saturday, Sept. 19th and you can hoot and holler it up with us for FREE. Did we mention that it'll be free for you?

Ride our coattails. Get in on this. Raid the mini-bar.* Make it rain. Bring your friends. Do it.

*Ok, there won't be a mini-bar. There will be a regular-sized bar with drink specials. I got a little carried away there for a second thinking I was in a remix of an R. Kelly song or something. As a warning, this is the kind of mentality we'll have on Sunday night. That was just a preview.


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