September 9, 2007

Mix Tape Speed Dating FAQs

For those of you who are curious about how it's all going to go down, here's the deal:

So, what's this mix tape speed dating thing about?
Basically, you pre-register on and suggest songs for the night you want to attend. Then, we speed date to the songs you guys picked. So far, we have four nights planned, at Khyber on 9/10, at Dos Segundos on 9/24, at the Khyber again on 10/8 (this is moved from the previous location, the Cantina), and at Royal Tavern on 10/22. If they go well and people have a good time, we'll do some more.

Sign-in starts at 6:30pm. The first round starts at 7:00pm. Pre-registration guarantees you a both a cheaper ticket price and the chance to submit songs.

When you sign-in, you will receive:
  1. a name tag listing your assigned speed dating round and position number
  2. a booklet listing the times each round will take place and space for you to write notes about the people you will meet
  3. an entry form you need to return to us with your favorite match listed on it. Matches will be eligible to win two grand prize gift certificates to Cantina.
We will provide ice breaker questions too in case you need help sparking up conversations. And, we will provide markers to use, but if you wanna bring your own pen, thatd be cool. Also, bring business cards if you have 'em as it will make it easier to exchange information.

There are two rounds: each round has about ten guys and ten girls. We might do 12 or 15 of each, depending on the turnout. They'll talk to each other for the length of a song until everyone has met. Then, we'll do it again with another batch of people! It's like musical chairs. Kinda.

At the end of the night, fill out your card and tell us who you'd like to go on a date with of the people that you met that night. Both people must list each other to be eligible for the grand prize. Of the people who match up, two couples will win a $25 gift certificate to Cantina. We'll notify the other matches by email within 24 hours. The gift certificate winners will be notified at the end of the event so be sure to stick around. We also have a few door prizes as well.

*Oh, and boys, feel totally free to list me, Anna, as your match if you want to go out with me. I'm the wildcard, bitches!

Who is gonna MC it?
Again, me, Anna! When I get nervous, I tend to crack a lot of jokes so I'm sure it'll be entertaining.

Who is going?
According to our pre-registration stats, almost everyone going is in their 20s and early 30s. Attendees have a mix of creative and professional jobs; graphic designers, writers, teachers, etc., they're all coming. So far, about 55% are women, and 45% are guys. We still could use a few more dudes, so if you have any single guy friends, encourage them to come.

How much will it cost and what should I wear?
It is free to attend. It only costs money to participate in the speed dating. It's $5 if you pre-register, and $8 if you don't. Everyone who pays is entitled to one drink ticket good for either a beer or a well drink. Just try and look nice. I'll probably wear a dress, but I like to overdress sometimes. That's my thing. Guys who look nice and smell good get more attention. Just sayin'. Girls, I'm sure you'll look cute no matter what.

Can I bring my friend who isn't going to speed date?
Sure, if your friend is single, as this is an event expressly for singles. If you want to bring your friend either as moral support or because she is curious to see what it'll be like, you are welcome to bring her. Who knows? Maybe she'll get such a kick out of it that she'll want to sign up for the next one. However, if she's not participating, she's not eligible for the Cantina gift certificate prize.

What if I really like someone but am too shy/overwhelmed to make a move during the party?
If you really hit it off with someone but aren't sure how to approach them, you can email me, Anna [] afterwards and I'll try to play matchmaker. No promises, but it's worth a shot. But really, this is a mixer. Don't feel weird about approaching someone you like. Just slam a drink and do it!

Anything else?
If you need anything or have any questions, please feel free to contact me at Really, just have fun with it. It's gonna be a blast.


Phil said...

What if I live in Richmond?

Anna said...

Easy: telecommute.

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