September 22, 2009

Things In His House That Make Me Sad: Harsh Overhead Lighting

I cannot walk into his house past 8pm without shielding my eyes. There is one overhead light fitted with a 100 watt light bulb and it's beaming down on us with the focused intensity of an angry parent. I'm pretty sure the interrogation room Batman roughed the Joker up in during that one scene in The Dark Knight had a more inviting lighting scheme. I guess if he was aiming for a bathroom-at-a-gas-station vibe he nailed it pretty well.

Harsh lighting is one of my least favorite things about a guy's house. It's just the worst. And, if he turns the lone light off, then it's pitch black. There's no soft, alluring in-between lighting option. And, that's a problem for me.

A little itty bitty Ikea lamp in the corner would go a long way. Or, a few strands of Christmas lights gingerly arranged around the windows would really set the mood. I'd wanna hang out in that room. I'd want to take my shoes off and stay awhile. Isn't that what he's aiming for here? Just remember: Lamps are for champs and dimmers are for winners. Write it down if you need to.


Colin Lenton said...

UGH ! This is the worst - makes you feel like you're in a hospital.

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