September 25, 2009

Tip Our Hats: Guys Who Won A Science Fair In Their Youth

I can barely hold my molecules together because this is so adorable. As a former science kit kid who has a self-teach biology book as an adult, there is nothing sweeter than knowing you totally took all the marbles at a school science fair. When I was nine years old, Bill Nye was my main squeeze. I watched any and all educational programming on PBS before dinner when I was a kid and, chances are, if you did too then we would be a match made in nerd heaven.

So what was it you constructed that wowed your teachers? Did you go all out and make something grow? Explode? Implode? Were you experimental or did you go by the book? Was it a homemade battery? A paper mache dinosaur? Some mold from your locker in a petri dish? An eco-system?

Or were you the more refined, spectacle-and-sweater-wearing, stoic school goer; a regular little Egon who let everyone know that dioramas were so 1973 and that a baking soda and vinegar volcano was a cop out? Was your project as cool as a 3D Styrofoam model of a brain that was made of packing peanuts?*

This kind of guy totally floats our potato-batteried boat. We love a smart man and not just because they usually own a few pairs of argyle socks. And we don't just dig any ol' dude who took a few honors classes in high school. We dig curious, intelligent men who are genuinely interested in what the universe is made of and how it all fits together. So, boys who won a science fair back in the day, we tip our hats to you. I can promise you there's gonna be some chemistry between us. Hubba hubba.

*FYI, I may have made that in 4th grade.


Elizabeth said...

Testimonial: I am living proof of this Tip Our Hats. I married a science-fair AND history-fair winner. And now he's in grad school for biostatistics. Get 'em while they're young ladies...

Sarah said...

My boyfriend won a science fair in high school with a hydroponics project. Guess how that benefitted a little later in his life?

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