September 25, 2009

Tip Our Hats: Rag Tag Dude Crews

Look at them over there joshing around like a pile of puppies. Rag tag dude crews are basically like if you gave puppies a driver's license and a hankering for cheap beer. They all have the silliest nicknames for each other that sound like they're culled from childrens' books : Gonzo, Mouth, Buzzsaw, Boner, Hooter, Sharkey, Ponyboy, the list goes on. It seems like the wackier they are, the better.

We are willing to bet $50 that at least three of these fellas have a jokey tattoo of
like a Wawa hoagie or a slice of pizza smoking a cigarette or some shit. A few of them live together in some shanty house on the outskirts of the city. They throw parties constantly and get a kick out of trashing their house. One dude has a hole in his bedroom from when he drunkenly wrestled his brother last year. His bathroom sink is full of hair from a 2am drunk head shaving incident last weekend. As long as we don't have to clean any of their messes up, we'll overlook it.

They have a secret handshake and you usually run into them at some random potluck/dj night/art opening/party. Yes, we said art opening. At least one guy in the group is an accomplished artist and always has some show going on at Space 1026.

Dating one would basically be like dating a puppy; they pee anywhere they want and they need to be trained. But, since they're so much fun to cuddle with, we'll keep 'em around. Another great thing about a rag tag dude crew member is that he'll be cool with you for life if you had a friendly breakup. In fact, he'll morph into an a sort of older brother figure after a few years. It's weird, yet rad.


Dan said...

wow this describes my boyfriend and his homies to a t (well, maybe them about 6 years ago, but still!). i love these rag tag dude crews, they're the cutest! good work, anna, you hit the nail right on the head!

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