October 15, 2009

Breaking Newz: Mix Tape Speed Dating Shake Up

Due to popular demand, we need to switch next week's Mix Tape Speed Dating party on Thursday, Oct. 22 from the Royal Tavern to upstairs at the Khyber. When we first conceived of these parties, we envisioned a traveling circus making pit stops in a variety of Philly neighborhoods. However, after throwing a few of these shindigs, the reality is that we need a venue that can accommodate everyone comfortably AND provide us with a PA system so that we can organize the party well. We are extremely lucky to find such a welcoming place like the Khyber. Not only do we have the raddest bartenders slinging brews, but we have the entire upstairs all to ourselves; no diners to dodge, no other patrons to be mindful of.

For those of you who seem skeptical about the venue, know that we transformed this gritty bar into lovers lane. Turning the lights down low, we affixed Christmas lights to the walls and sprinkled fun candies on the bar while the candles on the tables flickered quietly, pulsating with a soft glow. Everything about this party is designed to make you feel comfortable and happy.

Personally, I've been thrilled with hosting the party here and I hope that those of you who have attended agree. Please sign up here or by clicking on the image below. We want to create more love in this city. Come!


100knives said...

i hope this is hilariously awkward like the other one

Anna said...

Was it hilariously awkward? I thought it was chill and low-key. Definitely come again.

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