October 28, 2009

Tip Our Hats: Boys Who Fix Computers

Before we started dating, my last boyfriend had an unconventional way of trying to ease his way into my good graces: He attempted to fix my computer. I invited him to my apartment several times under the impression that he was trying to rid my dumpy Dell of its several persistent viruses. His technical efforts were in vain as the machine ultimately went kaput, but they did get him the girl (i.e. me).

So maybe that’s why I found myself swooning over the a boy behind the Geek Squad counter at Best Buy a few weeks ago. He might not have turned my head had I passed him on the street, but I cocked my eyebrow watching his confidence swell as he talked shop about video cards and driver updates to a customer. Without missing a beat, he nimbly tapped the keyboard to unfreeze another customer's laptop. I found myself staring at him. Hard.

Geek squaders, genius bar jockeys, whatever: A man who fixes--or at least tries to fix--a computer lets us know that he’s a problem solver who can focus his attention on something for more than five minutes. He's like a car mechanic sans the sleaze and exorbitant fees and he’s not afraid to get down and dirty to fix whatever’s wrong. Boys who fix my computer, you can scold me for not having enough RAM in my laptop any day of the week. Roll up those sleeves, furrow that brow, upgrade my browser and download my heart.


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