October 30, 2009

In the Department of Hell Yeah: We're Throwing A Shmitten Kitten Dance Party

When, the fine folks at BarCamp Philly approached us about helping out with their after-party, we didn't even hesitate to say yes. We jumped up and down like we'd just won a date with Growing Pains-era Kirk Cameron off a radio contest. It'll go down on Saturday, Nov. 14th at National Mechanics and everyone is invited. All the info is on the amazing flier below, which was designed by our own resident graphic designer (and my sister), Rachel Goldfarb.

What better way to work off your Halloween candy overload than by bopping around to '90s alternative music with us? Did we mention that it's free? 'Cause it is. Did we mention that we'll have prizes and general all-around fun-ness? 'Cause we will. Did we mention that we hope to see your beautiful faces there? Because we do!

p.s.: How rad is it that we changed the Sony logo on the walkman to say Shmitten Kitten? Nice work, Rachel!


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