December 21, 2009

Flippin' Our Shades: The Boys from

Three dudes, Mike, Eric and Gil, banded together to start, a Philly-based alternative to Craigslist's Missed Connections. At first, we were like, what the hell is this word? Whirt whirl?? Then, we looked at the site's FAQs and read that, "it's a spelling of the sound that someone whistles when they see a person they are attracted to." HOW CUTE IS THAT? Now, we can't stop saying it. Try it. Isn't it fun? How lucky are we that these guys are from Philly? Like an order of cheesefries at 2:07am on Friday night, they're all ours and we don't want to share 'em with anyone else. We asked them some hard-hitting questions and here are their answers: 
SK: So, how did the site start? What has the response been so far?
All: Craigslist creeps us out. Creating a post on there requires too many clicks and we don't think you should have to make an account in order to post. is brand new and we're growing each day. We're working on a mobile phone version of the site so you can create posts on-the-go as they happen.

SK: Is the site just based in Philly?
All: It is. We're all from the area, being Drexel and Art Institute grads. Once the site grows a bit, we are looking to support local bars and businesses in any way we can. We want to tailor our site just for our city and cater it to Philly singles.

SK: What's the craziest thing you've posted?
All: We've found that people who ride fixie bikes and drink PBR are all about posting missed connections.

SK: What's your idea of a perfect Philly date?
Mike: Drinks are a must. Maybe shoot some pool, share a hookah. I like dive bars since they're less crowded and the people there are usually more interesting. I like to share stories, play some Photohunt and then maybe off to a diner to get a late night breakfast. A drunk cab ride home is always fun.

SK: Yes! Photohunt! What do most guys do wrong?
All: They call too soon after the first date. "3 days is kind of money."

SK: What do most girls do wrong? 
All: They never call after the first date.

SK: Tell us a secret! 
Mike: I googled you earlier today.
Eric: After a night of boozing, I've fallen asleep looking in the fridge.
Gil: I read gossip magazines.

SK: Where's the most romantic place in Philly?
All: The upstairs bathroom in the Khyber.

SK: I detect some sarcasm in that answer. What would you put on a mix tape for a girl that you liked?
Mike: "Vic's Lament" by Vic Ruggiero. 40s and fettucine.
Eric: "Shakedown Street," Grateful Dead
Gil: "It's A Wild World," Cat Stevens
Photohunt? Drunken cab rides? An awesome upstart Web site with a sense of humor? We love it! And, we love them.


Becky said...

I presonally know these guys and love this site. Its creative, hysterical, and innovative!

bianca said...

I actually let out an embarrassingly loud guffaw at the "upstairs bathroom at the khyber" comment

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