December 15, 2009

Let's Have A Serious Chat About Male Tushies And What We Can Do To Get Them To Our Mix Tape Speed Dating Parties

After a little break, we've been working together to set up some more mix tape speed dating parties in the coming months. There still seems to be interest in having them so we are certainly happy to throw them. However, most of the interest seems to be coming from our lady readers. Beautiful, smart, amazing lady readers, to be more specific.

Our question: what can we do to attract more guys to this event? Is there a certain kind of music we should play that you'd like to hear? Are Thursday nights not a good time for you to attend? Is there a better time we should throw the party? Are you just nervous about the entire endeavor? What can we do to get your tushies in those seats? Should we refrain from ever saying the word "tushies" to you from now on? Consider it done!

Leave your ideas in the comments or just email me directly at I know that our parties have been successful in the past and have created a lot of love around the city, so I want to make it a great time for everyone involved. Thanks!


thesimplicity said...

Don't neglect South Philly or other neighborhoods. Khyber feels really far away on a Thursday night, when I don't get home until 7PM and have to get up for work again the next morning.

Anna said...

Where would be a good place in South Philly to have an event like this? The POPE? Tattooed Mom's?

Fritz said...

Agreed on the distance sentiment. I'd love one in South Philly. Sadly I can't really offer up any venue suggestions since I've never been and don't know what kind of space is required. But I'd totally show up to one at the pope.

thesimplicity said...

The POPE is good, but South Philly Tap Room is the best *anything* in South Philly. Cantina is for hipster jerks, and I personally classify Tattooed Mom's as being in Center City.

Anna said...

I truly appreciate all of your comments. I like the Khyber because the entire venue upstairs is ours for the event. We don't have to worry about errant diners or patrons. Also, the Khyber has a PA system so it's easier to direct the flow and explain what's going on to the participants.

What if we started speed dating a bit later, like 8 or 9pm to allow people time to get there after work? Would that make a difference?

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