December 27, 2009

Tip Our Hats: Guys That Know Keyboard Shortcuts

This one's for you:
We love (Ctrl + A) all of you boys that know keyboard shortcuts. We are happy to (Ctrl + W) the door on our past relationships and start a (Ctrl + N) one with you. Honestly, we wish we could (Ctrl + Z) when we blew you off last summer because now we know that we could never (Ctrl + R) you.
We love to go dancing with you because you can totally (Ctrl + X) up a rug! You don't even mind if we (Ctrl + C) your moves. And, you always go with the flow. Like, if it rains on our date, you (Ctrl + S) the evening by puddle stomping along with us like we're kids. We also love when you (Ctrl + O) doors for us. As long as you treat us like a princess, we'll never (Ctrl + Q) you.

(Ctrl + I) With very much love,
(Ctrl + I) Shmitten Kitten


Fritz said...

I like how every other post on this blog is about how nerdy attributes are some sort of aphrodisiac. If only it worked like that in real life.

Anna said...

Hey, I'm just being honest about what guys do that I like. I like nerdy guys. Nerdy guys know keyboard shortcuts. It's all good.

I also grew up watching Star Trek: The Next Generation so maybe watching Wesley Crusher on the bridge typing in coordinates impacted my psyche. Who knows?

JD said...

If keyboard shortcuts get you off, you should join the #emacs irc chatroom on Emacs is a text editor that's only interface is a long list of obscure keyboard commands.

Here's a list of some documentation:

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