January 26, 2010

I Feel I Failed To Impress You With My Cute Texts Because You Interpreted Them As Stalking

I already have trouble initiating phone contact with boys I like, but every now and then I'll feel a rush of confidence and send my homeboy some flirty texts. So, it's doubly troubling when my efforts are misconstrued. I think the problem is that you thought I was being supercreepy when I was just trying to be sweet.

For instance, I thought I was being cute when I texted you, "I'm right outside your office." I was running around doing errands downtown! I thought I'd let you know I was close to you in case you wanted to give me a smooch on your lunch break. It was innocent!

Or, the time I texted, "I'm counting the minutes until I see you again." Again, I was trying to be cute! I wasn't seriously counting the clock. That's crazy!

I think the final straw was when I texted, "I can't stop thinking about you. When can I see you again?" I WAS BEING FLIRTY! I was trying to show signals of interest to encourage you. So, when you told me that I was starting to freak you out, I was stunned. 

Now, looking back over my outbox, I see how I came off as stalker-ish. I regret that. I clearly need to hire someone to handle all of my communications with men for the rest of my life.


Lora said...

HAa!! this reminds me of my friend Joe from Brooklyn. He got a girl's number at PYT (by asking the waitress or something) and never once hung out w/ the girl but he texted her whenever he was in Philly. Their plans fell through one night and he texted her "don't worry...i'm patient." He meant it in an innocent/gentlemanly type way but it makes me think of some creepy guy "patiently" waiting in dark alleyways to finally meet this girl he's been stalking. She never responded.

Diane said...

Hopefully you're able to look back on this and laugh, because it is pretty funny.

Somewhat Shameless said...

My failure to remember that sarcasm does not come across via text has caused several issues for me when communicating with the opposite sex. Thus, I can relate.

Anonymous said...

You don't say "I can't stop thinking about you", but instead say "I can't wait to see you again"..little words that change the entire feeling of a text from stalkerish to cute. And using emoticons is NOT always a bad thing, either! Adding a little smiley helps the recipient understand the feeling you are trying to send :)

Anonymous said...

I've been there, and I'm dude. Like when you're trying to get a callback about the weekend when you hardly ever have a weekend to begin with, and they feel weirded out by you calling two or three times. Um, honestly, it's their problem. Being upfront is preferred, being
judgmental isn't.

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