January 3, 2010

Tip Our Hats: Dudes Who Dig Old School R&B

A surprising sound swam to me from a sports car driven by a 20-something dude the other day. It wasn’t a track from Jay-Z’s latest album or that annoying Drake song. It was none other than Tevin freakin' Campbell! I pulled a William Zabka-esque double take when it hit my ears. This dude was letting the world know he loved R&B that came out before he even learned to tie his shoes.

I heart men who aren’t ashamed to blare--or, better yet--belt out Babyface, Al B. Sure! or Jodeci. It makes me think they are a tad more in touch with their feelings than the average Nickelback-loving a-hole. I'll take the guy who croons "End of the Road" to me over the one who gives me roses any day of the week. Bonus points if he tosses in some choreography.

I am blessed to know several gents glued to this genre. Nearly all of them are a) married or about to be married and b) say they like that kind of music because it seems more “real” than today's pop drivel. Whatever the reason you give fellas, we salute you for honoring the soft stuff from the late '80s and early '90s. It's our prerogative to love you.


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