February 12, 2010

Philly, Come Over Here For A Second: We Are Having A Dance Party Tomorrow Night

As someone who honestly doesn't give a fuck about Valentine's Day this year, I'm pretty much jumping up and down every second because I am so excited for this party. People ask me, "Anna, why throw a Valentine's Day party? Why now? Why you?"

Once I push the mic out of my face, I tell them that YES, we certainly need more parties because I've already hooked up with everyone at the other parties around town. I need a NEW party. One with radical people who are quick to give me high-fives and buy me Kenzingers with no expectation of conversation afterwards, and the ability to spell my name correctly in their cell phones after I slur my number into their ear. Nay, I DEMAND it!

Hence, our party was born. I'll be deejaying along with my two homies and we'll be playing the music that we've always wanted to hear when we go out dancing; Creed, Staind, Nickelback and Limp Bizkit.

Just kidding.

Seriously, I'm going to play music that will flip your lid. As a bonus, I'm going to play the two songs that I would dance to if I ever entered an amateur stripping contest like Liv Tyler did in that Aerosmith video (btw, how creepy was that? That's her DAD's band!) What two songs? Well, you'll just have to show up to find out!

Ugh, I'm terrible with secrets. Fuck it. They're "Hot for Teacher" and "Pour Some Sugar on Me." Well, the amateur stripping cat is out of the amateur stripping bag, I guess. I will play these songs, as well as dozens of other ones that you will love.

We will also have special presents for everyone that comes to thank them for being the best readers/ dancers/ radical humans on the planet. As always, our party is free and everyone is invited. Facebook info is here.

One more thing: after you shake the glitter from your clothes and wiped the sweat off your face, WhirtWhirl.com is the official place we've designated to post any missed connections from the party. Act like you know!


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