February 10, 2010

Quick Rant: Yo, Stop Hating Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is rapidly approaching. While I think most of us can agree that we cringe slightly upon seeing our madly-in-love friends go crazy for this holiday, it pales in comparison to what I consider to be a far worse problem: Valentine's Day haters.

I don't mean to put this all on the female population, but let's be honest here: I don't hear too many guys talking about "gouging their eyes out" on this holiday or trying to stay home from work because they can't handle seeing all the flowers and balloons and god-knows-what-else getting delivered. I don't know if it's years of built-up single rage or if it was ruined forever by that first high-school boyfriend, but we all gotta CHILL OUT on that shit!

Every year, I hear the same tired thing from every girl I talk to who hates Valentine's Day: "I think it's bullshit that we pick one day a year to celebrate love. I want a guy who will bring me flowers and take me out to a fancy dinner on a random Wednesday, not some cheesy corporate holiday."

I get what you're saying here, but here's the thing: if you're dating a great dude, he will buy you flowers and take you out to a nice dinner on that random Wednesday AND on Valentine's Day. If your boyfriend is dialing it in 364 days a year and only treating you like a lady on Valentine's Day, the problem ISN'T Valentine's Day... it's your idiot BOYFRIEND.

As single people, I think we just need to embrace Valentine's Day for what it is. It's a sappy holiday. If you're single, that's cool! Call up some friends and watch a John Cusack movie. If you're in Philly, swing by our V-Day Dance Party and shake a tail feather. It doesn't have to be a pity party - just have fun! There's nothing more unattractive than someone seething with hatred at a holiday that celebrates all that mushy love stuff that ultimately everyone deep down is looking for.

So have a little heart this Valentine's Day. Keep the hate to a minimum and just enjoy it for what it is. In a short 24 hours, it will be Presidents Day, and who could possibly hate that?!


Unknown said...

Phil...You are like DR. Phil but way cooler...I love the comment about the IDIOT boyfriend! Tell it like it is sista, cause I will be following your rants. P.S. I am totally drinking a beer right now.


Unknown said...

Dude... your genious never ceases to amaze me! Wish i was in Philly still for the party. -Luke

Laura said...

Well said, Phil!

I also use the holiday to write nice notes to other people in my life that I love , but not necessarily in a boyfriend way -- best friends, family, etc -- because sometimes it's just nice to remind people they are appreciated.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Anonymous said...

I agree! If you're lucky enough to be in a fantastic relationship, then he should treat you like it's Valentine's Day every day. And if you're single, just dub this day "Vagina Day" and celebrate with your closest single gal pals!

BradyDale said...

I've decided that I'm pro-Valentine's Day for a whole other reason. I don't think it does much to make good couples like each other better, but it does put the pressure on people who should have already gotten out of bad couples to do it already.

Valentine's Day stimulates the overdue break-up business, and I think that's positive. A lot of folks need a nudge of some kind to just tear the band-aid off already. V-Day Does it.

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