February 16, 2010

Surprisingly Not A Bonerkiller: What You Wore To Shovel Out Your Car

To set the scene, let's start with me. I am wearing snow boots, jeans with leggings underneath for added warmth, two t-shirts, a sweatshirt, a winter coat, a scarf, hat and gloves. These are all totally normal things to wear when shoveling out your car when it's buried under a foot of snow. Can we all agree on that? Ok, good.

Now, let's focus on what you are wearing to shovel out your vehicle: slippers, no socks, pajama pants with Homer Simpson saying "I am so smart" printed on them, a ratty t-shirt, a winter coat and...that's it! You're not even wearing gloves! Or a hat! Hands down, you are the most ill-prepared snow shoveler I've ever seen.

Besides your outfit being insane, the way you're swiping at the snow on your windshield with the sleeve of your coat makes you look like a maniac, too. You're hopping through the snow like Puck in A Midsummer Night's Dream because you don't want to get an avalanche in your slippers. I have an idea: DON'T WEAR SLIPPERS OUTSIDE! I mean, who wears their slippers to shovel out their car? That's crazy!

But, I have to say, you looked really cute flapping around in the snow. And, your pajama pants are cracking me up. At least you looked like you were having fun out there. You didn't even mind that I tossed a snowball at you and playfully mocked your outfit. I approve! I almost asked if you wanted to grab a cup of hot chocolate to warm you up because seriously, you look like you're gonna catch hypothermia in about two minutes. Let's get you inside.  


Anonymous said...

Um, you're the cutest. I wish I lived in Philly.

Anna said...

Awww! What a lovely thing to say!


Anonymous said...

It would be so much better if it was what they wore to shovel out MY car.

Anonymous said...

who the fuck cares what you wear to shovel snow..it's not a fashion show.Ffor christ-sakes, I'm not gonna get all dressed up to shovel some damn snow on a weekend; because I'm going right back inside after that and staying in. You don't need 20 layers to shovel snow, anyway. You work up a sweat doing it and will inevitably take off some layers, anyway.

Anna said...

See, it's that difference in approach that we are saluting. We're on the same side! We're agreeing with you! I think it's cute how he had that attitude; no need to get defensive. Who is this, Andy Rooney?

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