February 17, 2010

Tip Our Hat: Guys That Embrace My Flaws

As totally hot lady-types, we’re used to having our assets called to attention by men. We know you dig our dumps like a truck, killer gams and luscious racks (or at least, that's what rap songs tell me.)

So it takes a special gem to hone in on my uneven teeth and the chicken pox scar sitting next to my nose. Truth be told, I’m a little flummoxed that my foxy dress and the new eye shadow that’s supposed to bring out the green in my eyes wasn’t enough to distract you from those things. But I kind of dig that I don’t have to pretend like my flaws are not there.

While these parts of me top my list of “Things I Would Pay to Have Fixed/Hidden If I Had Mariah Carey's Airbrusher” you find them cute. Better still, you like them because they make me me.

Like Jewel’s snaggletooth or Paris Hilton’s lazy eye, these special quirks apparently set me apart from the other ladies you’ve lusted after. Thanks for letting me know that you not only don’t mind that I’m not perfect, but that you actually like it.


Anonymous said...

Paris Hilton has a lazy eye?! Haha! I never realized that, but I LOLed when reading that!

Unknown said...

Haha, yeah, Google it and you'll see pics pointing it out.

Anna, I'm so happy you ran a pic of Tina Fey with this--she's my girl crush!

roboconcept said...

hey, so does forest whitaker and my mancrush on him is undying.

Also, if a girl ever has a butt-chin and you say its cute, you will score points you didn't even know were scoreable. srsly.

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