March 2, 2010

Bonerkiller: Guys Who Are Fussy About Subtitled Movies

Guys who are fussy about subtitles are the worst. It doesn't matter how critically-acclaimed the film is, they'll crinkle their nose at the suggestion once they find out that they have to read whilst viewing.

They get all aggravated like it will personally affect them in some crucial capacity. It's not like you have to pay more money to read 'em; subtitled movies are the same price as Paul Blart: Mall Cop. They'll even bristle at watching Y Tu Mamá También and that has a hot chick in it! What the hell?

I also can't stand when guys bust my chops about watching TV shows with the subtitles on. Call me crazy, but I like to know what is happening on-screen. As a head's up, if it's a British show, I'm gonna need 'em. That's a given.

And, mock me if you must, but subtitles were essential to my Wire viewing experience. Snoop has a crazy thick accent and I'll be honest, I couldn't always understand what Omar and Bubbles were talking about. Subtitles saved the day on that one.

Seriously subtitle haters, hit the road!


Karoshi said...

As a former anime fan, I can totally relate to this one.

Oh shit, I hope "former anime fan" doesn't show up on a future Bonerkiller.

hexo said...

Oh god, and I haaaaaaaaaaate watching anime with american voice actors. Subtitles are the only way I'll watch.

Dan Tabor said...

I honestly think that no one can enter into the argument that they hate subtitles without making themselves look very stupid. It reminds me of my days as a Blockbuster employee where the red-necks would always say "I ain't paying to read no movie, that's like work". Sadly that is a real quote. Reading subtitles at times can not only give us a better understanding of the work, but sometimes can help us hone in on the dialog at hand.

Blue Light J said...

I'm fine with them for movies in a foreign language, as I took Latin in high school, and am generally useless when it comes to anything but English. But for American shows (ESPECIALLY The Wire), I prefer to watch without subtitles, because it helps me pay attention to the acting and inflection. My ex liked to watch all DVDs with subtitles on, and I would read ahead and not pay attention to the visual aspects of a film or show. Sometimes it's not only what you say, it's how you say it, and I can't multitask like that.

G+G said...

Not gonna lie, I watched The Wire with the subtitles on too.

Anonymous said...

You know what's just as annoying as guys who are fussy about subtitles? Girls who are fussy about subtitles. Bonerkiller for real.

G. said...

Absolutely a must for The Wire, anything British, and so many others. So glad I'm not alone!

RIP Omar.

roboconcept said...

But if we're fussy in our distaste for Dubbed films, that makes us classy, yes?

Anonymous said...

im against subtitles when its an english speaking whatever.

i cant block out both things. i think it takes away from the film/tv.

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