March 11, 2010

I Love Love Love: Guys In Joey Jeremiah Hats

This is probably one of my favorite looks on a dude: a jaunty hat ala my favorite Degrassi alum. It's so casual, so cuddly, I just wanna scoop him up and squeeze him. Wait! I might knock the hat off trying to squeeze him; it might be best to just admire him from afar, like a wild animal or a work of art.

I've been known to wander into oncoming traffic because I've been blinded by the hotness of this look. This hat is like if Tequila were a garment: it blurs my judgment. I've hooked up with terrible dudes just because I thought their hat was cute.

Can you blame me, though? Look at him over there! I wanna cook him spaghetti and kiss his earlobes. 


Anonymous said...

Does hook up mean make-out or sex or purposely ambiguous?

Anna said...

Good question! It means any kind of romantic physical contact.

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