March 30, 2010

I Love Love Love Guys Who Can Improvise Song Lyrics To Crack Me Up

It takes a special kind of man who can magically transform Creed's "With Arms Wide Open" to "With Legs Wide Open" out of the blue. I wanna hang out with this man. All the time.

We'll pass by a dog walker corralling no less than four dogs and he'll start belting out, "I like big mutts and I cannot lie/ you other brothers can't deny/ when a poodle walks in with an itty-bitty waist and a hairy paw in your face, you get sprung!" I'm laughing so hard, I have to cross my legs 'cause I don't wanna liz.

Or, maybe he'll bust out this choice nug when we're jammin' on burritos, "Tick tock/ get up/ stop. I wanna Mex you up!" Oh shit! I just did a spittake with my delicious Mexican Coke.

Maybe you had to be there, but take it from me, I LOVE when guys do this! Keep it up, you hysterical song lyric wizards.


Anonymous said...

YES! My ex made up ridiculous songs all the time and believe it or not, it was attractive. If only there was a box for that on dating profiles...

al said...


Whenever a song says, "you" replace with "dudes."


patty punker said...

liz!!!! that's awesome.

Anonymous said...

My boyfriend does this and it's the best!

Classic: After having sex, he changed the words to The Beatles "Come Together right now...over me" to
"Come Together right now...hopefully." I think there was more but I was laughing too hard to remember.

This creative cuteness is awesome!

Rob said...

I used to drive my ex nuts doing that. If I did it to a song I liked, she would ask "I thought you liked this song?" . She loved U2, so I especially had to do it their songs all the time (So "She Moves in Mysterious Ways" became a song about a couch potato "She Moves Just A Few Times a Day") I probably grew up listening to too much Weird Al.

Anna said...

Rob, that is AWESOME! Your ex sounds laaaaaaame. Sorry! You gotta find a girl that can appreciate this awesome quality you have.

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