March 15, 2010

I Love Love Love: Exchanging Phone Numbers On Pieces Of Papers

Hey, I'm thrilled anytime a guy wants my number*, but watching him type my name in his phone is routine at this point. It doesn't feel special when I'm just a notch on his Nokia belt. 

However--and this might be phase two of my fetishization of all things outdated--I love it when a guy takes the time to write his phone number down on a piece of paper and hands it to me. It's rad to empty my pockets at the end of the night and see his number folded up amongst my loose change and gum wrappers.

And, it's fun to see his handwriting, even if it looks like he wrote his name whilst hiccuping on a trampoline. If it works out between us, then I'll tuck the piece of paper away in my shoebox of memories, where I keep all the rad things that guys have sent me/ mailed me/ made for me over the years. Yup, that slip of paper has the potential to make the shoebox cut; a sweet relic of our early courtship. 

I'm getting all glowy just thinking about it.

*To clarify, I'm only thrilled when attractive and available guys do this.


Anonymous said...

i really enjoy this as well. my favorite tho was from a skinny tattooed drummer named "Two Thumbs". he wrote his name, number and 'call me!' in red Sharpie on a bit of a ripped up cigarette package, a little 'xx' included. how cute. i used it as a book mark in the years to come.

whilst magical, he turned out to be real sketch. the number definitely belonged to his flatmate cos he didn't own a phone...or have a real job... but he had a smile that could melt our insides.

al said...

I completely forgot what I was going to say after reading that bit about Two Thumbs. Mostly, because he "turned out" to be real sketch, as if most dudes with a body-part in their name were working on their Juris Doctorate. Tiny Elbows Esq. is a real catch.

Anonymous said...

I once exchanged numbers on paper with a guy at a club who I ended up dating. We went on to be friends with benefits between relationships for a few years after that. One morning a couple of years after that first number exchange I saw the slip of paper with my number on it sitting in a tray on top of his dresser. HOW CUTE IS THAT? This made my life.

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