March 15, 2010

Reader Submitted: I Love Love Love Nerds Who Use Power Tools

From our lovely reader Liz:
I'd take the guy with basement full of obscure RPGs over the guy in steel-toed work boots any day, but when my nerd whips out a power drill and expertly hangs a shelf, it drives me wild.

Of course I'm perfectly capable of doing these things myself, but why on Earth would I even touch a power tool when the sight of him with a mechanical pencil and a dry wall anchor is enough make me go all train conductor and shout “All aboard!” in his general direction?

Seriously. I am this close to buying him a basement full of power tools. I love that he's a nerdy and completely adorable combination of Joseph Gordon-Levitt and a teenage Anthony Michael Hall. And, when he talks about all the things he can do with a Dremel, he's a fucking handyman hero, like if Han Solo and Norm Abram could somehow spawn. Hold me; I think I'm going to faint.
Somebody get this girl a cold shower! What makes your heart go thump thump thump? Let us know at


Phil said...

You are describing my roommate Bill perfectly. Anyone interested in a hot date should contact me and I will make the arrangements.

Amanda said...

Right there with you, Liz.

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