March 20, 2010

Reader Submitted Quick Rant: Text Me And I'll Text Ya Back

From our reader, Lizzie, who could commiserate with our other reader submission earlier in the week, except in this case, the guy who takes forever to respond to her texts is someone she's already hung out with IRL. 
I am unsure of the appropriate word for the situation I was in with this guy, but basically for three months we had a strictly hook up situation going on. It was very casual; we would hang out maybe twice a week, most likely drink, and--ahem--hit it. I was fine with this situation; it was ideal for the lifestyle I was into at the time. What I was not into was his annoying habit of not responding to texts in a timely manner. This is an example of how the majority of our text conversations would go:
"Hey, how has your week been?" he says.
"Pretty good. Yours?"
About an hour later, I finally hear back: "Busy as hell. Doing anything fun this weekend?"
"Party on Saturday night but I'm free Friday"
Then, it would be another excruciating couple of hours spent checking and rechecking my phone before he tells me that he'll have friends in town Friday and could we hang out tonight instead.
Seriously, dudes? I know FOR A FACT that you carry your phones on you at all times. And this guy had a job with very little supervision. How hard is it to tell me this information in the span of five minutes?

This dude would drag the conversation out over the course of my already stressful workday and make me feel like a crazy person when he was the one that texted ME, not the other way around. This is a mutual booty call situation, we both know how this conversation is going to end, why pussyfoot around it for six hours?!

Anyway, when I started seeing the guy I'm now happily in a relationship with (and who texts back in a reasonable amount of time), I gave this dude his comeuppance: I dragged out the reason why we couldn't hang out IN THAT WAY anymore via text for about four hours. Serves him right.
I don't have anything to add, but did any of you get the reference in the title? It was supposed to be a riff on the Digital Underground song "Kiss You Back." Anyone? Anyone? Aww, fuck it.


Anonymous said...

Wow, the same EXACT thing used to happen to me with my former hook up buddy... he would text once or twice, I would respond, and then.... nothing. Way to get my hopes up, buddy. He was a surgery resident, too, so his phone was practically glued to his hand. He had no excuse! (And I got the DU reference, nice one!)

al said...

Quick Rant: I'm at work, eating, driving, actually paying attention to what's going on in front of me.

Texting is a passive activity. I'm fully sick of people expecting me to drop everything and respond immediately to text messages.

If it's that important, call me. Otherwise, I'm going to wait until there is a break in the action, so that I'm not being rude to someone or my job.

I dated this woman once who would text me in the middle of the day and it would go a little something like this:

"Hey what you doin?"
ten minutes later
"dude... not cool"
ten minutes
"seriously are you mad at me?"
ten minutes

an hour later I see the text bomb and respond:
"Um... I was on a conference call, chill."

The next time I would see her I would explain that I don't work service industry, so I wake up early, don't have my phone on at 3AM on a Tuesday morning, and that if she texts me during the work day I'll likely not respond right away.

Next week... repeat.

So, Lizzie, to your quick rant I give a hearty "poo poo." Texting me at work and getting angry when I don't respond right away is not a quick rant... it's GROUNDS FOR IMMEDIATE DISMISSAL.

Jaime said...

Yes Anna, I immediately knew that you were referring to that song.

"If you kiss me then I'll kiss you, I'm not asking if you're dooooowwwwwnnnn"

Anonymous said...

I completely agree with Al. Sorry Lizzie, but people have shit to do. It is perfectly reasonable to send a quick text in between stuff at work, then check back when there is another quick break and so on. Even if you are the one who initiates the conversation, sometimes you get a call, boss comes around, etc. and you can't have a full instant conversation even if you intended to do so when you sent the first message.

Anna said...

She already said that this guy has a job with little supervision.

The problem is that he didn't acknowledge why he took so long to respond. He could've been like, "Sorry! My boss showed up. Yeah, I can meet later."

If I took forever to respond to my friend's texts all the time when we're trying to make plans, I'm sure they'd be annoyed too. It's just common courtesy.

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