March 14, 2010

Things In His House That Make Me Glad: Fresh Milk For My Coffee

I take my coffee like how I take my men: sweet and weak. However, usually when a guy makes me coffee at his house, it only comes in one flavor: rocket-fuel exhaust. It's thick, strong, and bitter; yuck!

When I ask for a little bit of milk, he usually apologizes then looks down bashfully. "Sorry, babe. No milk. Is it cool if you just take it black?" I try to choke it down, but I usually toss it down the drain as soon as he turns his back.

However, once in a blue moon, he'll be like, "Yeah, here you go," and he'll produce some fresh milk from the fridge. Fuck yeah! Now we're talkin' here. It's such a small thing, but his milk-preparedness definitely makes me wanna come back. And, that just makes me glad.


pattypunker said...

awww those milk cartons make me glad, too.

Anna said...

Personally, I like half 'n' half. But, this goes out to all of you soy milk drinkers, too!

Beanorama said...

Aw. This one is sweet. Coffee is a hot topic in the world of beanorama + boyfriend. At this point he has learned that I pour it down the drain sans milk too-- and that is such a horror to him that he now rides his bike to get half and half for me.

Drew said...

I drink Almond Milk!

Anonymous said...

My first time over his place, he offers me Silk. He's response: "It's like I'm thoughtful or something!" He usually goes for the lactose-free milk but bought a carton of Silk especially for me - he remembered that I prefer soy milk from our first date. ;]

Modern Haredi said...

I had an 8 month relationship with a man who had hazelnut flavored Coffee-Mate. I was stuck putting that in my coffee because it was better than his watery skim milk. I'm a half 'n half kinda gal.

I suffered worse when I dated this Israeli who had only instant Nescafe. Israelis love instant coffee. Warning: Avi/Uri/Nadav/Oren may have beautifully tanned skinned and an accent that'll make you wanna take the next El Al flight, but is it worth it if you're chugging Nescafe in the morning?

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