March 23, 2010

Things In His House That Make Me Sad: Elaborate And Bizarre Computer Setups

This is what I have, computer-wise:
  • one Mac laptop  
  • one power cord
This is what he has:
  • two monitors
  • two keyboards
  • a desktop computer that he built himself
  • a laptop that works
  • a laptop that doesn't
  • two sets of speakers
  • a mouse
  • external hard drives up the wazoo
Why does he need so many electronics? Is he trying to stop the DiVinci virus like in Hackers? Is he trying to create the perfect woman like in Weird Science? Is he trying to fortify the compound during a hurricane like in Jurassic Park?

There isn't one square inch of free space on his desk to even put my beer down. I'm just trying to check my email and I think I accidentally set off a warhead. What kind of Wargames shit is this? Oh god. I think something is beeping at me. Which monitor should I be looking at? Yikes!

The only good thing about his computer setup is that it usually has the most comfortable chair in his apartment. It has cushions on it. And wheels. And it spins. Besides that, everything about his computer area is dusty and complicated. The Borg has less wiring than his computer console. In fact, I'm afraid to cross my legs because I might dislodge some wires under there and inadvertently blow the entire thing up. And, that just makes me sad.


Anonymous said...

Haha, Wargames! My current male roommate is like this with his stereo equipment. How they heck do they know what piece of equipment to use with so much of it?

John said...

Guys horde electronics like women horde shoes. It's not uncommon for a guy to get involved in a gadget arms race with his friends - it's sometimes more practical than having the newest car, especially in a city.

That being said, I have a lot of the things you listed on or around my desk, but it's not because I'm a packrat. That broken laptop? Fixing it for a family friend for free because I can't stand to see them get taken advantage of by Geek Squad. External hard drives? Yeah, I have a lot of extra storage, but I also have enough music, television shows, and movies to keep us entertained through a nuclear apocalypse.

The bigger problem is the fact that many of us guys can't throw away the boxes that these electronics came in. Looking in my closet right now, I have boxes for big electronic purchases going back to my first flip phone and 1st gen iPod Shuffle. It's like our own little museum except nobody wants to see it and its worth absolutely nothing.

Michaelangelo said...

This is war.

Love, Geekadelphia.

Anna said...

Really, the saddest part is that there's nowhere to put my beer down. I gotta hold it in my hands then it gets warm quicker. That beer bottle is the loser in this "war."

Michaelangelo said...


Michaelangelo said...

Anna, there's a solution for that:

Anna said...


sutiibu said...

Sure, I have a desktop with 4 monitors (that glows at night), a server, another pc on the TV, 4 laptops in the house including one in pieces and an XO laptop, and other assorted computer crap. But then I think about my lady's shoe collection vs mine, and her clothing collection vs mine. We literally drew a line down the middle - we converted a middle bedroom into a small office on one side and a master closet on the other.

Unknown said...

hey! what's wrong with 2 computers? maybe he just needs a bigger desk!

Melissa said...

I think a guy who can multi-task while have more than one monitor running is great!

Some women think it's hot that guys know everything about cars. I'm the type who thinks it's hot that my guy knows how to handle computers/technology. I actually envy the dual-monitor setup and i'm not a gamer.

As for the beer, I think Mikey's solution is GREAT!

Michaelangelo said...

Melissa, I know a lot about cars and how to handle computers/tech. Sup, be my dating service na mean?


Marissa said...

Damn Anna, you've really been sipping on the haterade lately. What's up with that? I like a guy who knows his way around a computer, he's obviously no dummy, and I appreciate not having to give a dude tech support or totally blow his mind by telling him there are keyboard shortcuts for copy and paste. You don't have to be a hacker, but technophobia ain't sexy, especially since Skynet is going to become self-aware and enslave us all in a few years anyway.

Anna said...


Thanks for the comment, but I'm just trying to by funny. I don't hate computer nerds, I just hate that there's no where to put my beer.

AND, I even gave props to their cool chair! Besides, it's not like I'm going to NOT stay over because of their several computer monitors, I'm just going to get perplexed by it.


Jamie said...
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Jamie said...

The excessively geeky references in this post made my night. Hackers FTW!

I'm not at all a neat person, but the best situation to run into I think is a sweet and neat computer set up. My boyfriend in high school was super OCD about his electronics -- wire ties, screen protectors, the works.

But messy or not, dual monitors are sexy

Anonymous said...

ok. I was married to a dude who was in love with computers. then he lost his job. then he ignored job hunting in favor of gaming/building up his already ridiculous setup.

in my relationship experience, anyone who's that into - well, pretty much anything - is kind of a bad dating gamble.

and same thing with girls and shoes (which makes my teeth ache, to hear that... for the record, i've dated dudes who are WAY into their shoes and clothes, way more than i am). and if a girl is THAT into clothes and shoes? not a deal breaker, but something to be cautious about.

Amanda Nan said...

If a guy I'm dating doesn't have a sweet computer set up, video game consoles, and geeky artifacts, I'm pretty sure the relationship isn't going to go far.

Anonymous said...

I swoon over that much AV stuff, but I also am a stickler for organization. Considering he already has a good swivel chair, I think he needs Dwight Shrute's Mega Desk. It would allow plenty of room for all setups with monitors at nice varied angles for different purposes and plenty of space for beers. lol @ the borg

hexo said...

Oh, you would have LOVED me in 2005, when I couldn't really afford an LCD monitor, so I had two GIGANTIC 17" CRT's right next to each other. I kind of miss that setup. We PC gamers just never grow out of it.

Also, I've been building new computer setups inside the same case since 2003, and the hello kitty stickers just keep accumulating...

Heather said...

My issue isn't so much the multiple monitor and hard drive set up, not even the scores of computer technology, I can appreciate a computer nerd. My issue is the guy with the myriad of remote controls. I'm technologically savvy and when I need separate remotes for channel surfing and volume control, there is a problem. Do I need to be Harry Potter to turn this thing on? Do I have to sell my soul to the devil just to turn the volume up? Invest in the universal remote control buddy.

David said...

Lol. You nailed every aspect of my current computer setup!

Anonymous said...

you could move.

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