May 29, 2010

Justifications: I Only Gave Him My Number Because He Reminded Me Of Riff Raff

Just so we're clear: I ONLY gave this guy my phone number because he reminded me of Riff Raff, that badass furball from Heathcliff. Look at this little dude:

Like Riff Raff, this dude was short, chubby, had a cool hat and a rockin' scarf; he was basically a human incarnation of him. Not only did I think it was cool that he looked like a cartoon drawing of a junkyard cat, but for one minute, I delusionally thought that I could be his Cleo:

THIS IS HONESTLY HOW I THOUGHT WE'D LOOK TOGETHER. So, I gave it to him. Yeah, that was his appeal. That's why I did it! This might shock you, but he never called and now he pretends he doesn't know who I am when I see him around town. Shrug.

Have you ever given your number to a weirdo and none of your friends understood why? Tell me! I wanna know! Email your justification to and state your case. Let's hear it.


Anonymous said...

I flirted with a dude because he reminded me of my fave host on Animal Planet. Turns out he had a gf though. No dice.

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