June 3, 2010

Good News For People Who Like To Carry Things: We Have Shmitten Kitten Tote Bags!

We created 25 limited-edition Shmitten Kitten tote bags with a white Black Flag-y logo on a black bag. Check these babies out:

We also created a limited-edition trio of rock 'n' roll pin designs that we've tweaked to say Shmitten Kitten. The G 'n' R pin is round even though the pic is square:

You can get all three pins and a tote bag for only $11.99, which includes the cost of shipping. Do it soon 'cause when we're out, we're out! ORDER IT HERE!

Once an order is placed, you will receive an email from me with payment instructions. You can expect your order to be sent out within 48 hours after payment has been received. Snap 'em up, yo!

A huge thanks goes out to Fireball printing for cranking out the tote bags and thanks to Kat from Zen Kitten for makin' these pins . She's a local Philly girl who makes rad stuff; buy it.


Anonymous said...

I'm confused about your logo.

Anna said...

what are you confused about it? It's a design! Like for Black Flag, but I put Shmitten Kitten. Shrug.

Kelly said...

I personally *LOVE* my Shmitten Kitten bag, and have gotten lots of compliments!

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