June 6, 2010

Things In His House That Make Me Glad: His Childhood Board Game Collection

Another rainy night in and flipping through the channels has lost its appeal. My eyes begin to wander until they fall to a shelf in the corner and are met with a cardboard explosion of childhood nostalgia: his board game collection. Chutes and Ladders! Museum Caper Clue! Blokus! Monopoly and Battleship! He even has a vintage Thundercats game! Hoooooooo! This is amazing. I will pass Go and I will collect $200, thankyouverymuch!

No iPod Scrabble app can come close to the feeling of playful face-to-face competition. I'm having so much fun that I don't mind setting up the game pieces on his dusty old carpet since he doesn't have a proper dining room table. I don't even care what it's like outside anymore.

All I care about is trying to hide my smile so he remains unaware that my B7 targeted missile is totally about to sink his aircraft carrier. Victory is mine! *snicker*


citygal said...

Where are these men?! And more importantly, can I be the shoe in Monopoly?! I need to get my game on!!

Lora said...

You are right about Blokus! ...although a decade ago for some people on here is dipping into their childhood years. I just recently discovered it on a boys game shelf and would feel bad if I didn't include it :)

Jess@citygirlsworld.com said...

One or two are ok in the name of nostalgia but when there are more than that I worry. I worry even more if I see dust covered action figures and yellowing comic books. *shiver*

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