June 18, 2010

More Than A Feeling: I'm In Boston!

I'm in Boston for the next few days visiting my sister. On the to do list:
  • say the word "wicked" a lot
  • re-enact scenes from Good Will Hunting and reassure someone that "It's not [their] fault" repeatedly
  • Have an impromptu street jam like in Extreme's video for "Hole Hearted
I'm looking forward to oogling boys on the T (especially the dirty, young punk ones.) They walk past me with their raggedy black jeans and messy hair and "Do I look like I give a fuck?" attitude and I'm basically like this:

hummina hummina

I just wanna pinch his sullen cheeks! I'll bet this guy knows where all the best house parties are and smells like a wooden plank. I'd also bet up to ten dollars that he'd take me to his favorite vegetarian restaurant then to an art opening his friend was having on our first date. We'd hold hands! He'd show me his sketch journal or maybe play me his band's demo. It'd be SO CUTE!

I usually consider ditching my plans, spinning on my heels and following him to wherever he's going like Alice in Wonderland, but I feel like there might be some laws against that. I just imagine him going back to his drafty house with his ten roommates and his refrigerator full of rotten hummus and I keep walking. But, it's nice to dream.

Boston, let's do this!


Bad Sneakers said...

my cuz lives in Boston and she's always talking up the Beantown boys.

Please report back!

dan said...

find a group of dumb frat guys and ask them if they like apples.

Anna said...

Will do. I'll also ask a guy to grab a bowl of caramels! xoxo

G said...

so you find your Will or Chuckie?

Anna said...

Not quite. I saw a cute boy in a cafe but then I got shy. How hum.

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