June 3, 2010

Surprisingly Not a Bonerkiller: Former Hoodlums

So, while I was doing my Latin homework in study hall like a bookworm, he was the guy who'd be tossed out for talking back to the teacher? While I was applying to colleges, he was suspended for smoking on school grounds? While I was writing essays about Camus' The Stranger, he was pounding rivals in an alley?

Surprisingly, I'm not turned off by this. In fact, I think it's kind of cute to picture him being a teenage badass. He's the total Will Hunting to my cross-eyed British lady with big life plans!

The good news is that this guy is reformed now and can look back on his younger years and laugh at the scuffles he got into it. His scars have good stories. One is from the time a guy pulled a knife on him (!!!!) during a rowdy house party. And, another one is from the time he lit his eyebrow on fire as a dare.

I don't have any good stories to my scars. I once tripped by a swimming pool and have a nick on my knee. I also have a scar where a kitten bit me. THAT'S IT! Those are the lamest scars ever.

I'm totally fixated by his stories about his turbulent youth. It's hard to believe that this sweet, amazing loyal, successful guy was a teen troublemaker. How cute!


Anonymous said...

I love love looooved the bad boy when I was a teenager... ah swoooon!

Katie D. said...

Agreed... My boyfriend used to do drugs and get in tons of fights in high school. And now he's reformed - super adorable!

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