June 11, 2010

Things I'm Terrible At: Making Any Fucking Sense

Me, extending my hand: "Hi! My name's Anna. What's yours?"

Him: "Hey! I'm Mark."

*the hamster wheel in my head spins* Me: "Oh yeah, like the Mark in--what's that show?--"The Hogan Family"? Weren't there twins on that show? I feel like there were. And, one of them was named Mark, right?

Him: "Wow. I have no idea what you're talking about."

Me: "That show! It was on in the '80s. I think Jason Bateman was on it as the older brother. I think it used to be called "Valerie" but then she left and Sandy Duncan joined the cast. Remember?

Him: "No, man. I honestly have no clue."

Me, undeterred: "Mark! Like, the mark that a pen makes on a piece of paper??"

Him: "Yeah, I guess. Sure."

Then, he walked away.

Apparently, I am terrible at making any sort of fucking sense. HOWEVER, I just googled it and it's a real thing. See?

Mental note: "Hogan Family" jokes are not hot. I should write that down somewhere for future reference.


Anonymous said...

You're cute. But this does not help your cause.

danatestingsite said...

After reading this post, I totally want to be your friend.

Anna said...

Dana, we can be bosom buddies.

al said...

Q. who doesn't remember the Hogan Family?

A. Dudes who say "man" to chicks.

See, there are larger issues here.

jimmy said...

Well apparently Mark had no sense of humor so fuck it. Didn't they kill Valerie off?

Anna said...

It's not that he didn't have a sense of humor, he just had no idea what I was talking about. I asked him later how old he was and he said 23 so I'm pretty sure the show was before his time.

Anonymous said...

Forgot all about that show...and I'm usually right with ya' on all the 80's tv programming. To be honest, if you woulda dropped that one on me, I'd'a been stumped enough to likely ask a friend for some sort of cellular web browsing device to google that shiz 'cause until I saw the pic you posted, I was drawing a blank. Wasn't that show on the same night as Alf? Speaking of Michael Bluth, did you ever score that Teen Wolf shirt?

Anna said...

No, I never got that Teen Wolf shirt. Although a girl in a Teen Wolf shirt is weird; a GUY in a Teen Wolf shirt is hot. I gotta face that fact.

Anonymous said...

Omg finally I'm not the only one that does that hahaha... I try not to do it with guys that interest me because same thing happens... like when you talk about a funny Family guy episode and try to describe every detail of the joke and nobody gets it except you... then it's just awkward hahaha

Unknown said...

Girl, I just pulled that moment the other day. You're not the only one!!

Jaime said...

I knew he was super young before you noted his age. Anyone who doesn't remember a show that included Jason Bateman, Valerie Harper AND Sandy Duncan is clearly too young to have an actual conversation with.

Brett said...

the episode with the house fire, where David pulls up and thinks that his family is dead...oofa. He says something like, (speaking to god) "Oh god you already took my mom and now my family?"...heart string tugger!

and then when Willy plagiarises Lord Byron...another great episode.

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