July 7, 2010

Be Honest: You Got That Shirt For Free, Didn't You?

It's bright blue and has some lame graphic swiped from an ancient clip art folder printed on the front. And, there's so much text crammed in on the back that it's giving me a headache trying to figure out what kind of event he attended.  He must have gotten that shirt for free. There's no way he paid money for it.

Was it a door prize at a company picnic? Did he get it in a tote bag at a convention? Was it shot to him from a t-shirt cannon at a company retreat? That shirt is the Khloe Kardashian of the shirt world; it's just not as hot as the other options available.

Whenever I get free t-shirts, they are usually too boxy and way too big so they get tossed into the trash bin straight away. Besides, I hate wearing labels or any kind of text on my clothes. But, strangely, he seems to not only delight in the free shirt, but actually wears them out in his leisure time. Clearly, he is the target demographic for free shirts.

Don't get me wrong, I'm glad it's not a tank top or a polo with the collar popped, but as far as lame t-shirts go, this guy seems to choose the most lamest of them all. Is it too much to ask for just a plain piece of cloth free of bullshit to clothe his chest? Sometimes, I think that it is.


Bad Sneakers said...

Mr. Met can eject a shirt on me any day

Unknown said...

just a plain piece of cloth / to clothe my chest
with no bullshit art / and minimal text

Oh- sorry. That last paragraph just seemed too poetic.

Anna said...

Haha, Tim! That's awesome.

typical guy said...

"tossed into the trash bin"? uhhh why not donated?!

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