July 4, 2010

Bonerkiller: Budgers

George, pushing everyone out of the way like a total dick
I had finally scored some solo time with my crush backstage at an event recently. We were walking towards the steps together to watch the band play on the main stage. I was in a great mood.  

So I was shocked, nay, DISMAYED when he scooted in front of me before I took my first step. My dream guy straight-up shoved me out of the way. I was horrified.

Stunned, I stood there in disbelief. Am I wearing a potato sack? Are we in a race? Were we on Supermarket Sweep and competing for a cash prize? It was one of the unsexiest things he could have done.

He doesn't have to lay his trench coat down as I cross over a puddle, but I expected at least some manners from the guy. I looked down on him--well, I would anyway; he's 5'5--but now I looked down on his behavior. To say that my boner was killed would be the understatement of the year.


Jilly B said...

Seriously, any kind of bad manners are the worst.

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