July 30, 2010

R.I.P. Our Second Date

I'm here today to say goodbye to our second date. I never got to know you, but I heard great things about you and how much fun you'd be. It's a shame that your time on this planet was cut short before we got the chance to meet.

But, he did talk about you. Oh yes, several times during our first date he excitedly said that for you, our second date, we would go miniature golfing. He raved about you, assuring me that it would happen the following Saturday. I already picked out my outfit in my head. 

After golf, he was going to take me to dinner at this little BYOB that only uses food procured from local farmer's markets. A perfect mid-summer's evening with my new man! The world was our oyster and our second date was going to be the pearl in that oyster.

You sounded lovely, second date, but I'll never feel that putter in my hand and I'll never taste those yummy organic dishes. And, I'll never know you because he never called me to schedule it.

Oh God, this is hard. I'm sorry, everyone, I promised myself that I wouldn't cry.

Maybe, second date, you were just too beautiful for this world. I hope that you're happy up there with your brother, Guys Who Joke About Marrying Me On The First Date Rarely Want To Marry Me By Our Third Date. He, too, left this earth too soon. What a tragedy.

Goodnight, my sweet prince. Every time I see a star twinkle in the night sky, I'll think of you up there, winking at me like the class act I knew you'd be. 


Phil said...

One of my recent favorites. Classic.

Laryssa said...

Yeah, this recently happened to me but in regard to a third date. We spent a large chunk of our second date talking about cool bars in the East Village that we were going to try together. I was excited and hopeful.

Then, he dropped the "I'm only looking for an activity partner" (WTF?) bomb a few days later, by phone. We neither saw each other nor spoke ever again.

This post really strikes a chord because obviously us women aren't really sad about the guy we hardly knew! Killing the possibility of something fun can be heartbreaking. Take yourself on a date to those places instead!

Diane said...

Anna, you are pure brilliance!

Anna said...

Thanks, Diane. xoxo

Spaceboy said...


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