August 31, 2010

I Love Love Love City Ambassadors

From our homeboy, Zack, a traveling man who digs it when a girl can show him the inside scoop to the best parts of her town. Take it away, Zack:
12 hours and 800 miles lie behind me. All I want right now is a back massage and a soft bed. I stop off in some little dive to clog my arteries one more time. Once you show up, my dreams of slipping into a two-day coma vanish. We call your type ambassadors, the ones who know absolutely everything about the area: The best food, the best entertainment, all the coolest spots to hang out. And you’re not about to let someone pass through without getting the whole experience, even if your town’s only claim to fame is meeting the man who met Andy Griffith (I’m talking to you Pavo, GA). Sure, I’m sore and tired, but I suppose I can sleep next week. Tonight, I’ll follow you anywhere.

Maybe you’re the waitress who spends all night sitting at my table, practically ignoring your other customers. I just stopped in for a quick bite, yet here we are when your shift ends heading to a late-night cafĂ© that just happens to make the world’s greatest tarts. Or maybe you’re just another patron who saw me sitting at the bar reading a book and came over to say hi. Next thing I know, I’m halfway across town at a party listening to an awesome local band. Or perhaps you’re an old friend that I haven’t seen in years. Two phone calls later, you’ve whipped up an impromptu game of Manhunt in the city park. When the cops show up to chase us off, it is like we’re back in college all over again.

Ask any road warrior about his past trips and watch his eyes light up. These random encounters are what keep us driving, pushing through the last 100 miles to discover what lies just beyond the high beams. So for all of you city ambassadors who show us a glimpse of home from 1,000 miles away, I tip my hap to you.

I used to have friends' bands stay with with me all the time when they were on tour and I'd get a kick out of taking them to my favorite spots around town. I'd shuffle them to my favorite diner after their show and giggle over grilled cheeses. I'd file 'em into my favorite coffee spot for morning bagels and a coffee fuel-up. It was so much fun showing my buddies the best parts of my town. Thanks, Zack, for writing in. Radical!


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