August 17, 2010

I Love Love Love Foreign Boys

I said GOOD DAY!
As a full-time working girl, the only way I can distinguish between the seasons is that there are more sweaty people on the subway in the summer and it takes me longer to get my double Americano in Center City because tourists with Liberty Bell schwag are holding up the lines. But with the nuisances of summer in the city come a fabulous perk: foreign dudes. They're cute, a bit clueless, and wonderfully temporary.

So what if he's got quirky teeth, smells kinda off, rolls his socks up and is sporting a Fila sweatshirt tied around his waist over his belly bag? Did you hear his accent? It's almost enough to let every bonerkiller he does slide. Plus he uses cute phrases like "refreshingly beautiful" and "you are zee sweetest woman in my lifes." Swooooon.

And, a foreign tourist is the perfect date. He's completely fascinated by my mediocre life story. He'll want to know everything about my American life, my family, my job, my friends. He'll eagerly share stories about his life back home and is incredibly romantic. Since he's not familiar with the city, ANY idea I have for an outing will be considered brilliant. I know loads of Philly boys that wouldn't be caught dead making corny poses at LOVE Park, but the mention of it sends my foreign boy spouting poems about my intelligence and beauty as he pulls out his camera.

Sure, he might just want a visa or bragging rights to his friends back home, but I couldn't care less. This international hottie is well traveled, well mannered and, well, HOT. Plus he speaks, like, 10 different languages fluently, and while English might not be one of them, he still manages to sweep me off my feet.

The best part is that when he finally leaves at summer's end, I can daydream about visiting him abroad. Realistically a relationship won't work, but at least I know I will NEVER run into him and his new girlfriend around town when I'm hungover or sweaty from the gym. EVER. La vie est belle!


Bad Sneakers said...

mostly coincidental but now exclusively, I have always dated foreign men. like your post, they are just cuter in general! currently sampling the splendors of Easter Europe!

hit up the international house, y'all!

Anonymous said...

Plus, the uncircumcised penis is a real treat.

Anna said...


typical guy said...

you can have Pablo, I'll chill with his sister Regina. deal?

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