August 18, 2010

Boxerdropper: I Will Watch A Movie About Surfing With Very Little Protest

Not to toot my own movie-watching horn here, but I think it's pretty awesome of me to indulge his request to watch a movie about surfing when I have about zero interest in the subject matter. Endless Summer, Step Into Liquid, Riding Giants: I've seen 'em all. On his couch. Like I give a shit about some dude surfing a wave.

Sure, I'll scan through his DVDs and suggest we watch The Big Lebowski or Back to the Future for the zillionth time, but when he pulls out Endless Summer II and insists on watching it, I'll shrug and say okay.

I'll even pretend to get a little upset when some famous surfer dies after an epic wipeout. Boohoo. Huge waves can be dangerous: I got the memo, every single surfing movie out there! Mother Nature can be a cruel bitch and surfers walk the line every time they go out into the ocean, got it.

Good luck finding a girl to tolerate a more boring genre of film. I won't roll my eyes, cross my arms and huff loudly after two hours of monotone narration spoken over repetitive footage of waves. Not me! I'll play along and marvel at the ripcurls. What girl gives a fuck about ripcurls? None! All I'm saying is that he better appreciate it because that's what I'm bringing to the girlfriend table.


typical guy said...

Now does this mean you would watch a skateboard movie with equal bliss?

Leigh Fountain said...

Do you really hate Endless Summer? Its not just about dudes hitting mad waves voiced to a "monotone narration". The narrator is funny! I love his dryly sarcastic stories. I wonder if you never even paid attention to the movie. Its hilarious!

Anonymous said...

How did you fail to mention North Shore???

Anonymous said...

"Endless Summer II" is garbage. "The Endless Summer", the original, made in the 60s, is golden. Maybe not for impressing girls from Philly, but it's a classic movie that IS very funny, as Leigh has so gently pointed out.

I mean, seriously... it's like 1964 and 3 guys borrow a bunch of money from their friends and family. They're going to go around the world, following the summer patterns, more or less, and all they've got is a shitty camera and the sheer will to pull this stunt off. And it's magic!

It's not about surfing. It's about being alive and doing shit you wouldn't normally do, and putting yourself in situations that would otherwise be impossible.

Hell... surfing really isn't about surfing either. If the rip curl happens... great. I'm probably not a good enough surfer to get in that anyway.

It's about being out in the ocean, knowing the ocean WILL kick you ass and maybe even kill you, but managing to take that energy that's rolling in from some stormy sea thousands of miles away... and catching it at the last minute, and riding it before it collapses on the sand.

A silly pursuit? Maybe. But until you've stood up on a board, riding a wave on your own... please don't diss it. It CAN be a real life-changer.


Anonymous said...

This is what is wrong with the women of today. What kind of girl complains (while saying she's not complaining) about watching tan, physically fit guys swim around??? It's not like the guy is asking her to watch bowling. If some girl asks me to watch women's beach volleyball, you better believe I will. Hot, tan girls jumping up and down while grunting as they smack the hell out of a ball...what more could I ask for???

This girl needs to stop patting herself on the back and return the favor to her boyfriend by getting a hobby of her own that involves beautiful women running around half naked...that would be bringing something to the girlfriend table.

Anonymous said...

Woah... surfing movies are my favorite. Haven't you ever seen PSYCHO BEACH PARTY?? and GIDGET??? GROW UP AND WATCH THEM!!!! <3

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