August 18, 2010

I Love Love Love Guys That Can Throw Food In The Air And Catch It In Their Mouth

We're walking down the street chomping on some fresh blueberries when he popped one in the air and caught it in his mouth.

STOP THE PRESSES! I've been kicking it with a food popper this whole time and didn't even know it?

"Do it again! Do it again!" I cheered, barely containing my excitement.

He smiled and grabbed a few more blueberries from the package. Always a showman, he tossed each one higher into the air than the one before. Then, after catching them all in his gullet, he flashed me a smile with bits of blueberry all over his teeth. It was adorable.

Um, I had NO IDEA that this guy was so talented. I'm basically hanging out with a circus seal in a plaid shirt and Vans sneakers. Is this guy a cartoon? Is he Huck Finn? Who knows what other kinds of snack foods he can pop into his mouth? Cheetos? Bugles? Popcorn? Gummi Bears? The possibilities are endless!

He's a crystal ball and when I look into his eyes, I see nothing but fun for miles and miles ahead.


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