September 30, 2010

I Love Love Love His Dimples!

I've never thought of myself as a "dimple woman," but something about this guy's dimples is turning my head so fast, I'm gettin' whiplash up in herre. When he flashes a smile, it's like he has two spotlights on either side illuminating it. His face comes with its own set of single quotation marks! I'm mesmerized.

There's so much I could do in there. I wanna fill 'em up with vanilla ice cream and make hot fudge sundaes on both sides of his face. I wanna fit his dimples with jacuzzis and swim in them until my fingertips pucker. I wanna flank them with fur pelts and roll around like a cavewoman on her wedding night. (Do cavewomen even have weddings? Whatever.)

I wonder if he'll let me touch 'em. Probably not. It's best to just sit here and quietly take them in, like a lecture from a distinguished professor. In other news, now I understand how Mario Lopez has managed to have a career that's spanned decades: IT'S THE DIMPLES, STUPID! 


Anonymous said...

Anna, sometimes the brillance of your ideas & writing makes me want to say I Love You.

Allan Smithee

Anna said...

Awww! Thank you. I love you too, darling. xoxo

Anonymous said...

what is that image from? it's amazing!!

Anna said...

Google "Richard 'Dimples' Fields"

Anonymous said...

I have random women at bars, restaurant server, people on planes come up a put their fingers in my dimples it seems to be a trend, rather annoying when then dont ask

Anonymous said...

I love dimples too! But whoever has them seems to hate them.

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