September 20, 2010

I Love Love Love His Friends

That's a knee-slapper his friends would totally say
One of my favorite things about getting serious with a guy is that I get to kick it with his rag tag group of homies from way back when. They're not only the funniest group of guys ever, but they're genuinely the sweetest guys I've ever met. It's like our parents all married and now I have a circle of rad step-brothers.

There's always one chubby, hilarious guy in his group that's constantly single and you can't believe that he hasn't met someone yet. You try to suggest a friend of yours that he could potentially date but no one comes to mind. Then one night, you guys have a heart-to-heart on the back porch where he confides that he just wants to meet his future wife and you console him saying that his perfect girl is out there, you just know it. He nods and finishes the rest of his beer in one gulp, crushes the can, and goes back into the house.

Neither of you ever mention the talk, but now there's a closeness between you two. He'll ask if you want anything because he's going into the kitchen. He'll give you bear hugs when you run into him at a bar. He'll invite you to his housewarming party when he moves into his new apartment.

Then, one day, your guy tells you that his chubby friend lost 15 pounds and is seeing someone new and it's going pretty well, finger's crossed. The happiness you feel for him is overwhelming. This girl better not break his heart because YOU WILL FUCK HER UP IF SHE DOES. You narrow your eyes at the thought, like you'd honestly consider keying her car if she makes him cry. He, more than anyone, deserves to be happy.

Where was I? Oh yeah, his friends rule. So hard. I love them.


Anonymous said...

Yes! This, so much! :-)

Zack said...

hehe, you haven't met my friends. Can't remember the last GF that liked them. They cover just about every "I Hate His Friend" stereotype there is.

I'll have to submit a Bad Boyfriend post about them later this week, but off the top of my head I can think of:
The Manwhore, The Misanthrope, The Model, The Pornstar, The Touchy-Feely Chick, and The Female Best Friend (this one seems to be the worst, GFs *hate* it when guys are reeeeally close to a female friend).

polianarchy said...

Dear Chubby Best Friends: you don't have to lose 15 pounds to find TRUE LOVE. I'm right here, and I love you AND your manly chub. Yours, polianarchy

Anna said...

See, that's the thing! I love his chubby best friend JUST AS HE IS! He's a great person regardless. I LOVE THE CHUBBY FRIEND.

Mallory P. said...

I love the chubby friend but the I hate the chubby friend, because when the boyfriend turns into a douche I totally fall for the chubby friend. Damn the short, chubby, bespectacled friend, and his plaid.

Anonymous said...

Yea this is all cool until your girlfriend tries to bang them while you're not in the picture.

true story.

Lora said...

LOVE this post. My boy has the most amazing friends ever and I think the people someone chooses to surround themselves with is always some sort of indicator as to the type of person they are. I don't think I could date someone if his friends were all a-holes or cheats.

Mallory P- "...and his plaid" made laugh. so true.

Anonymous said...

I think I miss my ex's friends more than I miss my ex they rocked so much!

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