September 30, 2010

Things I'm Terrible At: Using Exclamation Points Prudently

I wore this perfume in 6th grade!
As I reviewed the past two dozen texts I've sent him, I noticed a disturbing trend: I use exclamation points constantly.
  • "Sure, I love that band!"
  • "Haha! Totally!"
  • "Ok! Call me later!"
  • "Yeah, Saturday night sounds great!"
  • "The Hurt Locker was HILARIOUS!"
See what I mean? It's out of control. I'm basically a dog wagging my tail and humping his leg via his inbox. I'm not getting paid by how many times I can type an exclamation point but I sure act like I do. What's wrong with me? Clearly, I'm missing the part of my brain that harnesses enthusiasm when communicating with a man that I like. (For the record, it took all of my effort to not use any exclamation points in this paragraph. Baby steps, my friends. Baby steps.)


Sian Kummer said...

I love it!!!
Im a 'multiple-exclamation-point-user". I cant just stop at one - I have to use three or four!!!

Alan said...

Exclamation points are great for texting! It's gotten to the point where a full-stop connotes anger, dissatisfaction, or generally being snippy.

But why why why can't we text with interrobangs‽‽‽

Jessie said...

Oh god I'm the same way. I'm constantly telling myself to play it cool but I can't control my exclamation point usage when I'm texting or emailing the dude I like. Hell, even when I'm talking to him face-to-face, the ridiculous grin I have after everything I say to him is like a real life exclamation point!

Ichael said...

Now that communication is even more in text format than ever (no body language) and in shorter bits, you really have to embrace extra punctuation and even emoticons if you want to give tone to your messages.

Samantha said...

I too wore that perfume. There's a story behind it that makes me sound like a monster as well, but probably shouldn't put it out their in internetland.

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